Greensboro Gift & Jewelry Show

Florida Jewelry & Apparel Expo

More comments from store owners…..

``Great show! Found just what I was needing for my Bridal/formal wear shop!``

LT from Hillsville USA

``Had a great time and found lots of goodies at good prices.``

EW from Greensboro USA

``Vendors were organized and displays were neat. Enjoyed the show and purchased many items.``

PM from Lexington USA

``Registration desk was very helpful. I bought more because of their courtesy.``

GT from Titusville USA

``Excellent! Vendors were very friendly & had great assortment of products.``

CH from King USA

`` I try to attend all of them throughout the year.``

AL from Mount Dora USA

``Good experience- 1st time. Thank you!``

SS from Raleigh USA

``It was a very good show. I missed one of my favorite vendors. He didn’t go.``

CB from Salt Lake City USA